Advantages of traveling by bus:

 Environmentally friendly
 Relaxed travel
 Safe & fast
 Travel in the night so that you do not have to spend an extra day on travel time
 No hassle with winter tires & snow chains
 Traveling together

Tips when making a long bus trip


1. If you have difficulty falling asleep during the long bus trip, you can possibly bring a PILLOW.

2. Take TRAVEL PILLS to prevent car sickness . Also, don't forget any personal medication . ( Split these up in your hand Luggage and suitcase ? )

3. Take an EXTRA Battery for your appliences. If you cannot get to sleep then it is nice to watch a movie on your laptop, listen to music or read a book on an e-reader.

4. During a stopover, it is useful to stretch the LEGS .

5. Drink as little coffee as possible. That will only keep you awake.

6. Bring EAR PLUGS if you are sensitive to noise .

7. LABEL YOUR LUGGAGE. Your luggage must be properly labeled for various reasons. You should not leave valuables in your suitcase or backpack. In general, suitcases and bags are safe in the luggage space of the bus, but it can sometimes happen that a suitcase or bag disappears. It is best to carry valuables on you.

8. Wear EASY SHOES AND CLOTHING. It may be obvious that you wear comfortable clothing when you have to sit on the bus for a long time. You will then be more comfortable in your seat. It is also nice when you have shoes on which you can put on and off quickly. So you can take off the shoes while sleeping and quickly put the shoes back on if you have a stopover en route.

9. On tour, put a copy of your important papers ( Passport, … ) in your suitcase . If anything gets stolen this might be a life saver .

10. Save one or more ICE numbers in your cell phone . ( In Case of Emergency )  For instance : Under ICE 1 " Auntie Mary, 0044 123456789 "

     I am listing " ICE blood group AB+ " as a title + as phone number " Allergy peniciline " … simple, but effective when in need of help .

11. Write down where and what time your travel director needs you to be + also note an emergency phone number from someone responsible . ( And don't forget to take it with you ;>)  )